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Prospective authors are invited to submit original technical papers by the deadline 7 September 2010 20 September 2010 (Expired) for publication in the IEEE ICC 2011 Conference Proceedings and for presentation(s) for the symposia listed below. For more information about each symposium, click on the title.

Before submitting papers, please read Author Guidelines carefully. Author Guidelines include important items for authors to pay attention.

Important dates for technical symposia are as follows:

Paper Submission: 07 Sep. 2010 20 Sep. 2010 Expired
Acceptance Notification: 11 Jan. 2011 Expired
Camera-Ready: 11 Feb. 2011 Expired

  1. Symposium on Selected Areas in Communications

  2. Communication Theory Symposium [marco.chiani@unibo.it]
    Chairs: Marco Chiani, Tomoaki Ohtsuki, Matthew C. Valenti, Wei Zhang
    Paper Submission: http://edas.info/N8740

  3. Signal Processing for Communications Symposium [deneire@unice.fr]
    Chairs: Luc Deneire, Nidal Nasser, Tomohiko Taniguchi
    Paper Submission: http://edas.info/N8802

  4. Wireless Communications Symposium [umehira@mx.ibaraki.ac.jp]
    Chairs: Masahiro Umehira, Sonia Aissa, Fulvio Babich, Hai Lin, Ashutosh Sabharwal, Xianbin Wang
    Paper Submission: http://edas.info/N8804

  5. Wireless Networking Symposium [atiq@ou.edu]
    Chairs: Mohammed Atiquzzaman, Cheng Li, Tarik Taleb, Ping Wang, Mohamed Younis
    Paper Submission: http://edas.info/N8806

  6. Cognitive Radio and Networks Symposium [ozgur.oyman@intel.com]
    Chairs: Ozgur Oyman, Chen He, Hiroshi Harada
    Paper Submission: http://edas.info/N8808

  7. Optical Networks and Systems Symposium [luca.valcarenghi@sssup.it]
    Chairs: Luca Valcarenghi, Stefano Bregni, Grzegorz Danilewicz, Eiji Oki
    Paper Submission: http://edas.info/N8785

  8. Next Generation Networking and Internet Symposium [lmyujie@gmail.com]
    Chairs: Bin Liu, Nasir Ghani, Geoffrey Xie, Masugi Inoue
    Paper Submission: http://edas.info/N8810

  9. Communications QoS, Reliability and Modeling Symposium [tsuboi@cs.teu.ac.jp]
    Chairs: Toshinori Tsuboi, Charalabos Skianis, Piotr Cholda
    Paper Submission: http://edas.info/N8754

  10. Adhoc, Sensor and Mesh Networking Symposium [boukerch@site.uottawa.ca]
    Chairs: Azzedine Boukerche, Ehab Elmallah, Nei Kato, Xinbing Wang, Jun Zheng
    Paper Submission: http://edas.info/N8812

  11. Communication Software, Services and Multimedia Applications Symposium [mellouk@univ-paris12.fr]
    Chairs: Abdelhamid Mellouk, Lisandro Granville, Naoki Uchida, Djamal-Eddine Meddour
    Paper Submission: http://edas.info/N8814

  12. Communication and Information System Security Symposium [pmu@zurich.ibm.com]
    Chairs: Peter Mueller, Xiaodong Lin, Seong Han Shin
    Paper Submission: http://edas.info/N8816